A specialized structure
developed exclusively for this bumper.

Installation is easy. Slide the top and bottom pieces onto the iPhone, then insert the left and right pieces until they click into place. There is no need to force the case into place; the smooth construction allows each piece to glide into place and connect. This means you can remove and reattach the case as much as you want without fear of the latch degrading. Itoigawa says, “This exquisite structure is achieved through the power of Extra Super Duralumin and a delicate form and balance. What we have achieved here is a precision that you cannot create with blueprints and machines alone. We used trial and error to shave down the materials by hand, until we found a structure that worked like magic.” Christening his efforts, the latch has been named the ITOIGAWA Latch.
The latch is in fact so strong that it is used to secure the parts into place when enhancing the edges with a dimpled finish. “Once the latch clicks into place, we use no other fixation or force. We just take the piece to the cutting machine. Even with the pressure applied while cutting, the latch has never come off by accident.”
The ITOIGAWA Latch (Patent filing no. 2014-100416) is the first of its kind and can be found in The Dimple for iPhone 6/6 Plus and the QUATTRO for iPhone 5.

The new ITOIGAWA latch technology
achieves the world’s first screwless metal bumper
(QUATTRO for iPhone 5)

Japanese technology:
making screwless cases a reality and leading the future

In addition to the ITOIGAWA Latch, our screwless constructions deploy a range of leading technologies. The Edge utilizes resin joints to achieve a clean, snug fit with an easy-to-remove mechanism — simply push the pin with a ballpoint pen. Moreover, SQUAIR’s top-of-the-line decorative case, The Slit, was developed around our “Batto” construction, in which the top and bottom pieces simply slide into each other. The side joints can be pressed to loosen and slide the case off. The word “Batto” means drawing a sword in Japanese, which was where we got our inspiration for the smooth case action. It is as though you are sheathing and unsheathing a sword in the most elegant fashion.
By bringing together Japanese engineers and craftsmen and pooling our talents, we cleared every challenge and achieved a series of screwless bumpers and cases. The idea that metal cases require screws and tools belongs to the past. SQUAIR is leading the next generation.

The batto structure makes a screwless metal case a reality.
This technology was born in Seki, Japan, the fabled home of Japanese swordsmiths since the Kamakura period.
(The Slit for iPhone 6)

  • ITOIGAWA Latch
    (The Dimple for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus)

  • batto
    (The Slit for iPhone 6)

  • Resin Joints
    (The Edge for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus)