For the Best Technology, Originality is a Must.

The iPhone has influenced the world like nothing else in the world.
But, as with all technology, the iPhone has suffered from losing its uniqueness.
“For the Best Technology, Originality is a Must. People should feel free”
From this simple concept, the SQUAIR brand was formed.

Dimple Slit Edge

Connecting Human Sensibility to Digital Devices.

Shoes, handbags, watches, eyewear…
All of these products started as a product to be used,
but by adding human sensibility, it became a person’s individuality and fashion.
And now, it is an age where even digital devices add to one’s individuality.

SQUAIR wanted to give more freedom to digital devices.
Since the iPhone is one of the best devices,
there was a need to create a design for it that has yet to surface this world.
SQUAIR fuses together Innovation, Design, and Technology with digital devices seamlessly.

The Most Advanced Technology known as Made in Japan

A value not yet recognized in the world.
The passion of Japanese researchers recognized and vitalized the value.

The Best Machinery. The Best Engineering. The Best Skills.
SQUAIR fused them all together and created an object that maintains traditional craftsmanship,
but also vitalized a value no one in the world thought was important, until now.

SQUAIR made a product that can be truly called “Recent Traditional Craft”.

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