A special protective material
which adds a unique profile and mood

An iPhone case or bumper’s first job is protection. Any case, once it covers the iPhone, will degrade the signal in some way. We have accepted this trade off, as cases and bumpers have nowadays become the norm for protecting our valued iPhones.
Since we know we want to protect them, what is the best material for the job?
What material, moreover, will make your iPhone extra special amidst a sea of people all with the same phone?
SQUAIR found the answer to this puzzle with metals. Metals offer uncompromising protection and a cool, smooth touch. Then, of course, there is the subtle feeling they give off. Knowing full well that metals degrade signal a little bit, we took a huge risk with this never-before-seen challenge.

A new frontier in Duralumin,
brought to you by Japanese craftsmen.

We use Duralumin, a lightweight and super strong aluminum alloy. The Edge features Duralumin A2017, while The Dimple and The Slit feature Extra Super Duralumin A7075, which is even more robust. This material is known for its use by Jiro Horikoshi, the principal engineer of the Mitsubishi A6M Zero, who, in 1938, deployed Duralumin in the main span (the main wing girders) of the aircraft to achieve a lighter weight. Today, this material is widely in use by aircraft and other apparatuses.
We take Duralumin blocks and shave them down with specialized techniques to create each finished SQUAIR piece. 5-axis 3D cutters are used to achieve the distinctive rounded silhouette, something so precise that not even 1/100mm of error is tolerated. Until now, it was believe that such labor-intensive pieces would cause the cost to skyrocket and, moreover, be impossible to actually create. This is where Japanese technology came to the rescue. Not only is the quality first-rate, but we brought together Japanese engineers’ and craftsmen’s pool of knowledge and skill to clear one hurdle after another.

iPhone 7 Plus High Grade Leather Case