For iPhone7 / iPhone7 Plus

Leather Aesthetics

Primitive materials hold a timeless and elegant aesthetic.
We are proud to present an exquisite leather cover in collaboration with the long-established,
world-leading leather strap and accessory brand Jean Rousseau.
The product radiates a sense of luxurious, intelligence and glamour.
We deliver a never-before-seen product of the highest quality.
The unique product is a fusion of the SQUAIR philosophy and
craftsmanship of leading leather manufacturer Jean Rousseau.

Calf Leather

Calf Leather Case Book Type

The product is the SQUAIR’s first-generation book type case in collaboration with Jean Rousseau.
The delicately embossed design of select calf leather is minimal but bold.
It is also endowed with elegance which goes well with any styles.
Primitive materials and the beauty of form and shape calculated completely.
Please feel the value which is as perfect as it can be.



Alligator Leather Case Book Type

The book type case uses Alligator, which is a material symbolic of Jean Rousseau.
It uses Mississippi Alligator, which is known to be the most rare and high-grade Alligator.
This material used for the belt of exclusive watch is smooth, comfortable and luxurious.
We brought out the best in it through the pursuit of simple design.
Sofisticated luxury. This is just the one of answers.



Stingray Leather Case Book Type

Stingray is leather of ray. An alternative name is Galuchat. The feature of stingray, which is also called Swimming Jewels, is its fine dapple with beautiful luster.
The more we polish, the more luster it becomes. The more we use, the more impressive it becomes.
Also because it had been used for traditional Japanese armor, it is excellent with Japanese dress.



Ostrich Leather Case Book Type

Ostrich is made of ostrich skin. Boss called Quill mark is its feature, and the finer the pattern, the more high-grade it is.
The texture is soft, light and strong.
Matte texture with fine emboss processing gives a serene impression.



It has brought out the charm of primitive leather and is made simply.
That’s especially why nothing shoud’be missed in each process.
Slenderness, weight, intensity, fitness. Real value for everything.

  • Radical design

    SQUAIR specializes in lens cover that makes excellent use of metal processing. While many cases make this aperture with 1 hole, SQUAIR separates camera lens and flash with metal parts. It is a precise specification that requires alignment of 0.1 mm increments, creating a distinct style.

  • Craftsmanship living in details

    It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of leather items appears in the performance of Koba. Jean Rousseau has polished it to perfection. In addition, the curved portion of the side pursues an intensity and exquisite fitting balance by slicing the leather. We studied the thickness in 0.1 mm increments and made a cover to enable to close sinuously by its own weight.

  • Dare to only have one card

    Inner card pocket is formed so that one card fits perfectly by scraping the interlining and making a concave surface. It is not beautiful if bulging comes out by inserting cards. Only one card will be needed. It is a design symbolizing a sophisticated lifestyle which is the fruits of SQUAIR’s preferences and Jean Rousseau’s craftsmanship.

  • Adhesive sheet with excellent strength and durability

    The iPhone main body is attached with a special adhesive sheet made in Japan. This material developed with Japanese superior technology holds firmly with extremely high adhesive strength without hurting the iPhone body. It is easy to repeat attachment and detachment, and even if dust is attached, it has durability that the adhesive strength recovers as many times as you wipe with a cloth containing moisture.

Calf Leather Case
Applicable ModelsiPhone 7 / 7 Plus
MaterialCalf Leather
ColorBlack / White / Red*
Country of ManufactureFrance / Hungary
*Coming soon
Alligator Leather Case
Applicable ModelsiPhone 7 / 7 Plus
ColorBlack / White / Red*
Country of ManufactureFrance / Hungary
*Coming soon
Stingray Leather Case
Applicable ModelsiPhone 7 / 7 Plus
Country of ManufactureFrance / Hungary
Ostrich Leather Case
Applicable ModelsiPhone 7 / 7 Plus
Country of ManufactureFrance / Hungary

* Specifications are subject to change. Please contact us for details.

Line-up for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

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