Of a different world.

As a result of pursuing the best, the rest came naturally.

“No compromises.”
Not intended as a simple concept or common catchphrase, but a guideline that SQUAIR follows.
The Slit is the result of the desire and persistent efforts of Japanese engineers that approved this stance.
A round silhouette that connects the iPhone with your hand, the stoic beauty of The Slit and accurate design of parts such as the button.
The cover is a meticulously designed piece of gear that can also be identified as a beautiful work of art.

At the first stages of development, we were unsure whether or not production of THE SLIT would come to fruition.
Production of the cover was that much of an extraordinary challenge.
However, with extensive commitment without compromise in pursuing the ideal, as a logical consequence, we have realized a form that naturally fuses with the iPhone.
A devotion that goes beyond description was invested in its creation.
There are no words that can illustrate its beauty.
We are confident that you will recognize the true meaning of the word “special” through this product.

The cover was not designed just for the sake of design.
We’ve devoted our efforts to all aspects including its functionality, durability, and handling.
This may seem like a detour, but in actuality, it was a shortcut to discovering true beauty.

  • Light, highly durable, and flexible, the cover is manufactured using the special metal Extra Super Duralumin A7075 that is also used for aircrafts.
    By making the surface rough-hewn, we have applied character to an inorganic material.

    About the Material
  • The slit design was accurately molded without error.
    The beautiful shadow cast on the inner cavity is like that of traditional architectural styles.
    The design exceeds the limit of mere smartphone cases.
  • By placing the bumper in a lower position than the screen, we’ve achieved a smooth fit.
  • A lens cover crafted utilizing the metal work technology of SQUAIR. The iPhone7 is an integrated dual-lens, but by deliberately designing the metal part with 2 holes, the lens is separated, creating a unique style.
Product Name
The Slit
Applicable Models
iPhone 7
Extra Super Duralumin A7075
No Screw (BATTO Structure)
Black / Silver / Gold / Rose Gold
Country of Manufacture
List Price
USD 1,700.00 (excluding tax)
Cover: W71.7mm/H142.5mm/D8.9mm
Package: W240mm/H230mm/D60mm
Cover: Approx. 36g
Package: Approx. 300g
Package Content
Case / Top and bottom of case / SQUAIR Free Care Information / User Manual

* Buttons and resin parts are assembled on the cover case

About Electromagnetic Interference

iPhone cases generally cause electromagnetic interference regardless of the material. Specifically, metal and carbon materials are known to cause the most interference in reception, but in exchange to this circumstance, these materials are capable of protecting the iPhone with a durability impossible with other materials.
SQUAIR products are made of metals. Though we acknowledge the fact that metals interfere with reception, we’ve applied metals for their superior protective performance and beauty. Particularly, the back side of The Slit is enveloped with metal, but due to the loophole in the design that encompasses the upper part of the iPhone, reception is assured. In this way, by masterminding a gimmick in the structure design, we’ve succeeded in substantially suppressing electromagnetic interference, leading to the production of the cover. The product is not recommended for customers that are dissatisfied with even the slightest interference in reception.