The aesthetic value of leather.

Testing the limits of elegant wearability

We are proud to present a leather cover of unprecedented quality in collaboration with the long-established, world-leading leather strap and accessory brand Jean Rousseau.
What we pursued to deliver a never-before-seen product of the highest quality was fundamental beauty and simplicity in function.
The unique product is a fusion of the SQUAIR philosophy and craftsmanship of leading leather manufacturer Jean Rousseau.
Luxurious yet serene, the product radiates a sense of intelligence and glamour.
We’ve thoroughly pursued the essential charm of leather.

The case was created with great attention in detail down to the slightest millimeter, the slightest difference in its weight, as well as thorough inspection of its touch and handling. Production of the case was executed allowing no compromise in any of these processes.
All these procedures are what constitute its refined design.
To what extent can a leather case be beautiful? This case is an example of such a masterpiece.

Since the design of the case is a simple one that fully possesses the charms of primitive leather,
no compromise can be made in each process.
We’ve infused true value in all aspects including its fineness, density, durability, and fit.

  • The inner card pocket is crafted by scraping the lining and creating a concave surface so that one card fits perfectly.
    The case cannot be considered beautiful if a bulge forms when a card is inserted.
    The elaborately designed case is the fruition of both SQUAIR’s persistence and craftsmanship of Jean Rousseau.
  • Its no exaggeration to say that the quality of leather items depend on the finish of the edge.
    The crafting technique of Jean Rousseau is refined to the point of perfection.
    The curvature of the side was crafted to achieve the perfect balance between durability and wearability by slicing and thinning the leather.
    Investigating the thickness in 0.1mm units, we’ve realized a cover that closes smoothly with its own weight.
  • A lens cover crafted utilizing the metal work technology of SQUAIR.
    The iPhone7 is an integrated dual-lens, but by deliberately designing the metal part with 2 holes, the lens is separated, creating a unique style.
Model Name
Calf Leather Case – Book Type
Applicable Models
iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus
Calf Leather
for iPhone 7: W71.7mm(Opened 150.0mm) / H143.3mm / D13.8mm
for iPhone 7 Plus: W82.7mm(Opened 172.5mm) / H162.5mm / D14.5mm
for iPhone 7: Approx. 41.0g
for iPhone 7 Plus: Approx. 62.3g
Country of Manufacture
Included Items
Case / SQUAIR Free Care Information / User Manual
USD 400.00 (excluding tax)

* Specifications are subject to change. Please contact us for details.