The Slit

for iPhone 6

Why we go above and beyond.

You've heard the notion of "accepting no compromises" when it comes to quality, but even that phrase fails to capture the unsparing zeal and energy our Japanese craftsmen have poured into The Slit, producing refined technology that reveals itself with use.
"If it doesn't exist, we'll be the ones to create it." What was considered impossible has now taken shape as a fully-realized product. This new, never-before-seen form presents a new kind of quality. The Slit represents this excellent quality and is prepared to change the world.

An exquisite form produced through unmatched expertise

We wondered what would happen if we refined the interface between the iPhone and the user's hand. This thought process took us to a rounded silhouette and, to top it off, an exquisitely beautiful slatted look. The Slit is a decorative case that imbues your iPhone with a sense of beauty and gravitas. It is reminiscent of a perfect piece of architecture, devoid of imperfection. We think it looks like the slats of a stately building through which the sunlight slants through.
When we began developing this product, no one thought it would see the light of day. But SQUAIR's craftsmen pushed forward towards their goal, loving the challenge. Japanese craftsmanship has unlimited potential and knows no bounds. That belief drove us to produce something that has never existed before. What does the future have in store for us? Our curiosity and passion pushed us forward.

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A specialized interlocking design developed exclusively for this case

Most metal cases require special parts and installation. The Slit breaks that stereotype by introducing a simple slide on-and-off construction that clicks into place for the perfect fit. "Batto" is our proprietary case design (patent pending) that we developed specifically to make The Slit a reality. Just slide the parts into place from the top and bottom of the iPhone 6 until they click neatly into place. To remove, press the eject buttons on the sides of the case and slide off. With a single stroke, Batto has done away with the fussy screws and tools that had been the norm for metal cases. This also makes inserting and removing SIM cards quick and easy. In Japanese, the word Batto suggests drawing a sword, a clean and beautiful maneuver of the utmost precision. The word hints at the specialized design and its roots in traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

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  • Black

  • Gold

  • Silver

Product Name The Slit
Compatible Models iPhone 6
Material Extra Super Duralumin A7075
Type Cover
Structure screwless (batto design)
Color Black / Silver / Gold
Country in origin Japan
Retail price USD2000.00 (excluding tax)
The Retail price is provided as a guide only and may vary from country to country due to custom tax, commission and VAT.
Size Body : 71.7mm x 142.5mm x 8.9mm
Package : 229mm x 229mm x 25mm
Weight Body : ≒36g
Package : ≒300g
Package Contents Top Cover, Bottom Cover, Manner button*, Sleep button*, Volume button*, Eject button*, Installation Guide
*All buttons are installed on the case
  • Made with Duralumin A7075 -- lightweight and sturdy

A word on signal loss

All iPhone cases degrade phone signal to some extent, however minor. Metal and carbon cases are held to affect the signal the most, but, by contrast, they provide the best protection that is impossible with other materials.
SQUAIR's products are made from metal. Recognizing full well that metal causes signal interference, we wanted to go beyond to provide unparalleled protection and beauty. However, our products have ventilated openings to allow signal to pass through -- The Slit, for instance, has a slatted back for signal passthrough. These clever modifications have allowed us to achieve a perfect design that simultaneously curbs signal loss to the utmost possible. If signal loss of any sort bothers you, we do not recommend this product.