The Edge

for iPhone 6

Pursuing the next frontier in functional beauty.

The Edge has been completely designed and produced in Japan – From planning the concept to manufacturing, and even assembling and packaging. This is truly a Made in Japan bumper. The rounded contours, with their beveled edges, and the utterly seamless fit with your iPhone creates an aesthetic unlike any other – this is the future of functional beauty.
The frustration of trying to assemble screws into place is gone. This simple design wipes that away simply by using Japanese ingenuity and technology. This is the metal bumper for a new generation, offering a form and tactile quality you’ll want to enjoy for years to come.

Forget about screws.
This is the next evolution.

Until now, metal bumpers have relied on tiny screws and special tools to fit the unit into place. This project was started from a simple concept: “If screws are an annoyance, let’s do away with them altogether.” The joints used here rely on the unique suppleness of resin, enabling a clean, crisp fit that clicks into place. Simply insert a ballpoint pen or the included removal tool in the hole to pop the joint out. This super simple design sweeps away the idea that metal bumpers were impossible without screws.

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A light and solid metal,
Duralumin A2017.

The material is “Duralumin A2017”, an aluminum alloy developed in Japan. This material is used in aircraft and is lightweight as plastic while strong as steel. Duralumin was believed to be almost impossible to machine to such thin and minute tolerances. Using the latest in Japanese technology, "The Edge" has solved that dilemma and achieved a breakthrough. The bumper weighs a mere 15g. It protects the phone while being miraculously thin and light. In this way, it is the realization of “the ideal sought in an iPhone accessory.”

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  • Black

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Simply use a ballpoint pen or the attached tool to remove
Product Name The Edge
Compatible Models iPhone 6
Material Duralumin A2017
Type Bumper
Structure No screws
Color Black / Silver / Gold
Country of origin Japan
Retail price USD300.00 (excluding tax)
The Retail price is provided as a guide only and may vary from country to country due to custom tax, commission and VAT.
Size Body : W72.4mm / H143.1mm / D7.4mm Package : W229mm / H229mm / D25mm
Weight Body : ≒15g
Package : ≒300g
Package Contents Top Bumper, Bottom Bumper, Manner button*, Sleep button*, Volume button*, Removal Tool, Resin joints* (Spare×2), Installation Guide
*All buttons are installed on the case

Regarding signal interference

By their very nature, iPhone cases made of any material will cause some deterioration in signal. Metal and carbon cases are said to cause the most signal interference, but the trade off is that they make it possible to protect the iPhone with a strength that is impossible for other materials.
While aware of the signal interference caused, SQUAIR purposely uses this material in pursuit of a product of beauty and absolute protective performance. By devising the structural design within these limitations, we achieved a finished product that minimizes signal interference to the utmost. “The Dimple” is constructed of 4 separate metal bumpers, so the joints are designed to let the radio waves through. Customers who worry about even the slightest loss of signal will not be satisfied with this product and should avoid purchasing it.