I’ve heard that metal cases degrade the signal, but to what extent?
Whether plastic or metal, iPhone cases when fitted cause reception to deteriorate. From among them, those made from metal and carbon are said to have the most significant impact. However, just as can be said that they are likely to affect reception, it can also be said that these cases are extremely strong and boast a protective ability that surpasses silicon cases.
SQUAIR products are bumpers and cases that have developed with an understanding that metal impacts on reception. Not being able to make a phone call as a result of such an impact would of course be putting the cart before the horse, so although with limitations, we have ingeniously considered structural design and tested the reception of phones fitted with our products to make sure that they do not significantly effect everyday use.
Although for those customers that are concerned by even the smallest deterioration in reception, we recommend you refrain from purchasing our products as they will not be to your satisfaction.
With bumpers, the screen is exposed, so how can they have a protective ability?
Most cracks in the screens of iPhones are due to the phone receiving an impact to one of its side corners, and it is usually the shock to the corner itself that causes the cracking. With metal bumpers and cases, the screen is exposed but the sides are well-protected, and as a result, they protect the iPhone from the kind of shock that causes cracking.
Looking at some of the promotional pictures on the web etc, it appears the cases fit perfectly without leaving a gap, but is there not some individual difference between cases?
In order to make sure cases do not feel loose when fitted due to individual difference, we have a manufacturing set-up that ensures precision and carry out production in a flawless setting. Rather than our cases and although minor, it is actually iPhones that have some individual difference causing some phones to be small and others bigger. For this reason, our bumpers are designed with sponge on their interiors in order to compensate for such individual difference and prevent a loose-fitting feel. We have tested fitting our products on numerous iPhones, but in the event that one of our products cannot be fitted, please do contact us.
I want to give one as a present, but what is the packaging like?
SQUAIR products (for the iPhone 6 and subsequent models) come in packaging that is 30cm×30cm with a height of about 5cm. The surface part is made from a high precision acrylic and the part that comes into contact with the pedestal is an ABS resin synthetic material. The feel, quality, and design unique to a high grade bumper make it ideal as a present.