Remembering the silhouette that fit gently in the hands.

In July 2008, iPhone3G made the first appearance in its distinctive shape with a gently curved back that fit snugly into your palm. Inspired by the handsome curve and snug fit in the palm, our Curvacious Bumper was created with the desire to enjoy that fit again. Its tight fit is precisely crafted so that it almost “blends” into your skin. The comfortable curve in your palm gives a completely different feel compared to previous iPhone versions.

iPhone5curvacious bumper

Try to grip iPhone5...

In 2010, the iPhone changed to a flat plate-like shape when it went through a full model makeover. Both materials and details positively evolved as it progressed to the iPhone4 and then the iPhone5; however the 3G obviously excelled in its appearance and comfy grip. Many people still highly rate its perfectly curved beauty.

Taking this into consideration, I’m trying to hold my iPhone5s. By giving a firm grip, it is possible to keep it in my grip BUT…

Deep black like sumi ink and the beauty of sensitive white.

Three color selections are available and they all blend into each iPhone5s/5 color. The transparent gold bumper further highlights the presence of the iPhone5s. Both the 5s and 5 are available in white and black, perfectly blending with different color tone. The moment the bumper is attached to your iPhone, the beauty and sense of unity are complete enriching its appearance like no other accessory.

Shape along with human sensibility after thousands of trial and error.

All roads led to this shape and finally turned the impossible into the possible.
Starting from the choice to use a lightweight and strong duralumin, the special electrolytic coating that made its soothing feel possible, and the cutting technology shaving all parts lavishly from a solid metal blank, even the smallest buttons, all of these craftsman’s wisdom and skills as well as bold challenges created this shape.


This is the ultimate “Made in Japan” blended incomparable craftmanship.

“Made in Japan”, which is the integration of unparalleled technology, is the most highly rated in the world. We strive for higher levels of quality and precision by working with the company that owns this unique technology as well as craftsmen who have solid skills and extensive experiences. Ideas and capacity of superior engineers come together bringing about chemistry reactions which created a product that is “impossible to copy”. This is a true “made in Japan” product by a collaboration of craftsmen. In order to maintain this level of quality, the production volume is fairly limited. Our maximum production limit is 300 sets per month.

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